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Marriage Lessons From Adam and Eve

In our next soon to be completed book, "Starting Marriages Right”, you will learn the seven marriage lessons from the Garden of Eden that provide great guidance for the principles of marriage success, as designed by God, in the beginning.

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Starting Marriages Right

Terry and Carol have been ministering to couples together for nearly 15 years. Terry has been ministering to couples for over 25 years. In these 25 years of counseling, coaching, mentoring, teaching, and training couples, it is clear that many couples are not experiencing the deep-down-in-your soul joy that a healthy fulfilling marriage relationship brings.

Sadly, many couples have not seen enough models of healthy marriage relationships to know how to emulate them. As a result, many couples are hurting. These hurting couples are like bleating lambs crying out for help that seemingly never comes. We want our heavenly Father to use the heart and experience He has instilled in us to help stop the crying that comes from these hurting lambs. 

So how can we do that? First, we must help singles understand the necessity of "preparing yourself" to be married. This focus is about you becoming a "healthy you." This is not just about being healthy physically (eating properly and exercising regularly can help with that). More importantly, we want singles to understand how to become healthy emotionally and spiritually.

This involves teaching principles around self-awareness, self-worth, and self-value. This does not come from how much money you make, nor how far you have advanced up the corporate ladder. Do you know who you are, and are you happy with who you are?

This also involves being healthy spiritually. Since God designed marriage and created the desire for relationship and companionship within us, we believe it is essential to have a solid spiritual relationship with God to more effectively live as He designed.

Second, we must help couples better prepare for marriage. This is not focusing on "getting married,” but on the marriage relationship and how to prepare to "be married." Generally, there is so much excitement around the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon, the living arrangements, etc. that few couples pay enough attention to learning the key principles that will result in a lifetime of relational joy and fulfillment.

In our next book, primarily for couples preparing for marriage, called "Starting Marriages Right", you will learn the seven marriage lessons from the Garden of Eden that provide great guidance for the principles of marriage success, as designed by God, in the beginning.

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn in the book that will help you better prepare for marriage and start your marriage right, the way God designed and modeled it with our first human couple (Adam and Eve):

Starting Marriages Right

Seven Marriage Lessons Learned in the Garden (Genesis 2:15-24)

Lesson 1: Know Yourself and Your Purpose  (Verse 15)

Lesson 2: Good Boundaries Brings Freedom  (Verses 16, 17)

Lesson 3: Your Need for Companionship  (Verse 18)

Lesson 4: Choosing the Right Mate  (Verses 19-22a)

Lesson 5: Recognizing and Cherishing Your Gift  (Verse 22b)

Lesson 6: Genuine Love and Appreciation Shows  (Verse 23)

Lesson 7: Your Path to Oneness  (Verse 24)

You will be able to order this powerful new book very soon online and at major booksellers everywhere.

This book will be an inspired work that will give you a glimpse into the Designer’s (God) intent for marriage. In each learned lesson our quest will be to show you revealed truth that will provide you the necessary ingredients for enjoying the beauty of a fulfilling marriage relationship. 

As it was in the beginning.

If your marriage starts right, and stays right, it will end right! Let us help you do that! Many blessings!

– Terry and Carol